Thursday, April 1, 2010

Having Fun with my Cricut:

I made myself a coupon Binder and used the cricut to decorate it.

Then I decorated Baby Bugs Diaper wipes Case:

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


My husband and I have decided to get a more strict budget put together. One thing we spend alot of money on is the grocery budget. I am awful at following through and taking the time to make a good meal plan. So we are doing something about it we have signed up for e-mealz. This is a meal planning site that gives you a weeks worth of meal plans with the instructions and the grocery list already built out for you sectioned off by the isle in the store all the dairy together, all the produce together etc. You get to choose which meal plan to do there are store ones like Walmart, Aldi's, Krogers etc. And also diet ones there is even one for weight watchers points. My husband and I are doing the Aldi's menu for two. Last night we had Chicken with Cranberry pan sauce yum!! I am very excited not only for the money saved but for the variety of healthy meals we will now get to try. I have to admit I was getting very boring we were eating the same meals over and over and many of those meals were convenience unhealthy meals. These e-mealz come with meat and side dishes planned in and included in the grocery list it is nice to know that we have a variety of vegetable with our meals.

This site is recommended by Dave Ramsey as a good plan to help the budget and I think he is right the fee is 5 dollars a month and I know I saved way more then five dollars in this weeks grocery bill alone not to mention that I have a plan for five nights which means I won't resort to making a fast food run when I can't figure out what to eat.

They also have wonderful customer service. They keep two meal plans up at a time. The meals roll over for the Aldi's plans of Tuesdays well our printer was not hooked up so I wrote out the grocery list and went shopping yesterday with plans to print the list later. Well I let time get away from me and forgot to get the printer hooked up and the plans printed so here I sat this morning with all this food and no clue what to cook!! I e-mailed e-mealz and they kindly send me the plans so my food would not go to waste! I am very happy with this company and look forward to many wonderful home cooked meals in the near future!

Hurry go check them out and see what a great company they are for yourselves!! E-mealz

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another Great Deal find!!

Ok today I was out shopping and ran into the dollar general for some milk. They had hats and gloves marked down to 90% that means baby bug and her cousins and getting hats and gloves next year well actually baby bug is getting mittens :) . They were 20 cents and 30 cents a pair what great prices and babybugs mittens were actually a two pair pack for 20 cents so that makes them a dime a piece.

Also at target today I went to get some more diapers and wipers!! They had some of their huggies and pampers marked down they did not have any on sale in the size I needed so I stuck with target brand. They also had pampers, huggies and target brand wipes marked down a bit. So that is something to check out if you are in the diaper buying mode!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Consignment Sales

Consignment sales have become my new addiction. It amazes me the money I can save buying things at these especially on half price day. I love that baby bug can have so many things that I would never have bought at the store but since I can ge them so cheap I go ahead and buy them for her extra outfits, fun toys, etc. Things I consider a luxury it is nice to have them. I just took a look at baby bugs clothes that she already has I think 0-3 months is covered and 3-6 looks like a very full box but I am afraid that some of it is a bit off season since babybug is a little on the small side I think it is more long sleeves and she will be in short sleeves any who that is one box I will need to take a closer look at before I go consigning today. 6-9 is still a pretty full box from baby showers and such 9-12 is where it starts to drop down so that is what I am going to look for this week 9-12 long sleeve clothes I am figuring she will be in that size in fall. Also I want to find a nice pack and play for her that is full size comes with the changing table and bassinet. I purchased one at another consignment sale a couple of weeks ago got it home and opened up and it was missing the bassinet poles. And once I got it fully opened I realized it smelled of smoke so that was a no go!! And so frustrating so lesson learned if I look at pack in plays in a used setting I will open them all the way up and make sure everything sets up right and such!! Well time for babybug's breakfast everyone have a great Tuesday!! I am off to get some housework done so I can hit a consignment sale later this afternoon.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Yummy I just found a great new recipe

Oh I just found this recipe from in the know mom It sounds so yummy it is called balls of energy and sounds like a great after school snack for those with school age kids.
Babybug is to young for foods yet but I am tempted to make these as a treat for me :)
Click here to see it.

Time for a blog hop :)

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1. Today I will be taking babybug to her two month check up.
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4. At I don't no but I am guessing duncan doughnuts it's free Pastry Day til 1030 Friday!
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6. The image I cherish most is babybug in her daddy's arms.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to no plans :), tomorrow my plans include 1/2 off day at a consignment sale and Sunday, I want to take babybug to church!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dollar General-cheap clothes for babybug

Dollar General has some of their fall winter clothing marked down to 90% off. What a deal!! I bought the babybug several outfits for next winter at size 12 months I know that is thinking far in advance but if it will save me 90% of cost to think ahead so be it. I have three tubs in her closet they have her next three sizes of clothes stored and ready for her to wear, the last tub actually has a few higher sized clothes as well that I will change up my tub sizing each time she grows into a new size. I need to get a third tub for the stuff she outgrows that we want to save. She is going to be such a cute dressed baby next fall!! I enjoy trying on her different outfits right now she is in a size 0-3 months and she got a ton of clothes in this size at her baby shower so every few days I bring down a new outfit to wear wash it and try it on her. She is the cutest baby ever!!!