Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dollar General-cheap clothes for babybug

Dollar General has some of their fall winter clothing marked down to 90% off. What a deal!! I bought the babybug several outfits for next winter at size 12 months I know that is thinking far in advance but if it will save me 90% of cost to think ahead so be it. I have three tubs in her closet they have her next three sizes of clothes stored and ready for her to wear, the last tub actually has a few higher sized clothes as well that I will change up my tub sizing each time she grows into a new size. I need to get a third tub for the stuff she outgrows that we want to save. She is going to be such a cute dressed baby next fall!! I enjoy trying on her different outfits right now she is in a size 0-3 months and she got a ton of clothes in this size at her baby shower so every few days I bring down a new outfit to wear wash it and try it on her. She is the cutest baby ever!!!

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