Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Consignment Sales

Consignment sales have become my new addiction. It amazes me the money I can save buying things at these especially on half price day. I love that baby bug can have so many things that I would never have bought at the store but since I can ge them so cheap I go ahead and buy them for her extra outfits, fun toys, etc. Things I consider a luxury it is nice to have them. I just took a look at baby bugs clothes that she already has I think 0-3 months is covered and 3-6 looks like a very full box but I am afraid that some of it is a bit off season since babybug is a little on the small side I think it is more long sleeves and she will be in short sleeves any who that is one box I will need to take a closer look at before I go consigning today. 6-9 is still a pretty full box from baby showers and such 9-12 is where it starts to drop down so that is what I am going to look for this week 9-12 long sleeve clothes I am figuring she will be in that size in fall. Also I want to find a nice pack and play for her that is full size comes with the changing table and bassinet. I purchased one at another consignment sale a couple of weeks ago got it home and opened up and it was missing the bassinet poles. And once I got it fully opened I realized it smelled of smoke so that was a no go!! And so frustrating so lesson learned if I look at pack in plays in a used setting I will open them all the way up and make sure everything sets up right and such!! Well time for babybug's breakfast everyone have a great Tuesday!! I am off to get some housework done so I can hit a consignment sale later this afternoon.

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  1. Thanks for following me @ Money Saving Momma!! I am happy to meet you and love your blog! I LOVE consignment sales...we have consignment shops that I take my stuff to and then buy more goodies for the kiddos AND we have seasonal kids consignment sales that I sell & shop at!!! If you sell, you get to shop first and save extra $ on the stuff you buy! I basically keep trading kids clothes and toys, so it's almost like I am clothing my kids for FREE!!! YAY!